How does the Cache memory affect a computers performance?

Answer Hi. Well, you see. The cache memory is the memory installed in the HDD's Printed circuit board and the HDD uses this memory to store information it predicts the CPU(central procesing unit) will use... Read More »

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Does a computers power supply make a difference to the performance?

The PSU determines how powerful a hardware configuration you can use but will not increase the actual performance.The most power hungry hardware is always the graphics card and you should check out... Read More »

How Does Changing Settings Affect Performance?

Changing the settings may affect the performance of gadgets like cellphones or computers if the settings being changed are not compatible with the gadget's system or program. Usually, gadgets are p... Read More »

How does bandwidth affect website performance?

bandwith is how many bytes of data a server can push out per second. So if the pages are big (with a lot more than 100kb of data) and/or lots of people are accessing them, then access times may inc... Read More »

Does dust affect my PC's performance?

Dust can affect the performance of your computer. You should clean it out regularly, about every couple of months. Dust can make parts stop working or block the airflow that your computer needs.