How does the apps on facebook work out who 'crushes' on you?

Answer Most of these are a complete hoax! Some even contain viruses so be careful. They can't connect to anything on your profile as Facebook restricts most things. Avoid these, as you'll soon find your f... Read More »

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Does any of the so called stalking apps work on facebook?

I'm pretty sure there all phishing scams trying to steal ur account

On Facebook, do those "Top Followers" and "Stalker" apps actually work, please answer?

the top followers work to a certain extent, although some don't seem completely accurate to me. but the stalker ones are all spams

How to Put Apps on the Side of Facebook?

Moving your Facebook apps to show on the side of your home page takes a few simple steps. With your favourite apps on the side column you'll have quicker access to them, being able to launch an app... Read More »

Why have the facebook and youtube apps disappeared from my bt yahoo page?

The apps were removed from the toolbar, add them back View the tab to which you want to add content by clicking its name in the tab bar.Click Content.The content gallery opens below the tab bar and... Read More »