How does the facebook "suggestions" work?

Answer they get them from the email address you put in

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Facebook friend to get rid?

Tell that person who's suggesting to stop sending it. Any friend suggestion would state, something like, "Suggested by [A]". Alternatively, you may try blocking the person that is being suggested. ... Read More »

Name suggestions for a 'Facebook Page'?

Before making the page I would recommend thinking about which age group you're focusing on your page. Example: for teens you could make a page which has to do with summer or maybe a popular TV prog... Read More »

Can You Turn Off Friend Suggestions on Facebook?

Facebook helps you connect with people you may know by automatically suggesting friends on your home page. Facebook bases these suggestions on many factors, including your existing friends, your sc... Read More »

Facebook page has been 'hacked', any suggestions?

You might file a suit against the recruit. Even without actual legal action, a letter with a law-firm looking letterhead might persuade him to cooperate. Get a copy of all the content on the pag... Read More »