How does wireless internet work?

Answer You dont need to get a new internet package. only a wireless rooter will do the connect the rooter to your modem (if it's cable modem, like ntl in the uk. but also there are different types... Read More »

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How Does a Laptop With Wireless Internet Work?

Wireless Internet access, abbreviated properly as WLAN or generally as Wi-Fi, enables users to unplug their laptops from cable modems and access the Internet anywhere a wireless Internet signal can... Read More »

How Does a Wireless Network Internet Connection Work?

Imagine the scene: it's 6pm and you have just sat down in front of the telly. You've got your tea and you're ready to watch the news. As you do so, the first story - something boring about politics... Read More »

Internet connection does not work but wireless signal very good?

Wireless connections often have problems like this. I'll do my best to help you out but please could you add an update telling me who you ISP is, the name of the router you have and what operating ... Read More »

My wireless internet not work upstairs?

what has changed in the house between when it used to work and now? You moved the computer and in a dead spot?