How fast are optical fiber cables?

Answer In terms of velocity, I believe light inside a fiber optic cable travels only about 66% of the speed of light. Which is actually slower than both UTP and Coaxial. It is a very common misconception ... Read More »

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What is Optical Fiber?

Optical fiber is a term for any sort of plastic or glass conduit meant to transport light. The principles behind it are actually quite old, but in recent years it has become an incredibly important... Read More »

How Do Digital Optical Cables Work?

Digital optical cables transmit sound signals by using fibre-optic technology, or strands of glass that transmit digital information to receivers. Digital optical ports are found on some music play... Read More »

What Is a Plastic Optical Fiber?

Plastic optical fiber carries optical signals along a core made from plastic, instead of the more traditional silica. It is possible to use several different kinds of plastics in the construction o... Read More »

What Is a Multi-Mode Optical Fiber?

A multi-mode optical fiber is a type of wire that is responsible for sending light signals to computers, TVs and telephones. This type of wire carries many different light rays at once, each with a... Read More »