How fast do u type?

Answer 96 wpm for a 16 year oldon comp like 6 hours a day lol internet

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How do i know how fast i can type?

I've never tried it myself but if you Google test my typing speed this is the top hit...... x pmsl.... I just C&P'd the text and look at my result!''Y... Read More »

How fast can you type now?

90 wpm. I learned to touch type 45 years ago and have always kept my speed up. The computer keyboard is much easier and lighter to use than the old manual Olympia on which I trained all those yea... Read More »

I want type very fast?

Play World of warcraft for 6 years as a kid.

How fast can you type?

I just did this yesterday and scored…are a few I just did a search on free typing ... Read More »