How fast in megs is 54mbps?

Answer 6.75. There are 8 bits in a byte. So if you have something that is 54 mega-bits-per-second...divide the number by 8 to get it to MBps which is mega-BYTES-per second. People are often misled by... Read More »

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Wireless routers - what does 54mbps mean?

mbps stands for megabits per seconddo not confuse bit with byte8 bit = 1 byte10mbps means that you can transfer data at a maximun rate of 10 megabit per second. However, usually broadband connectio... Read More »

WiFi router: 54Mbps or 108Mbps?

It may seem faster because router-->pc will be faster, but the uplink is still the throttle, and 5Mb is the best you will get.

Why do You Tube videos stop & start even with 54Mbps internet speed?

server load and general network congestion....pause after starting, and allow more of your local buffer to fill... then play

Hi would changing from a 54mbps wireless router to a 104mbps one make a difference?

it would only make a difference (not very noticeble) on using the network machines (your comp to another comp on the network). Internet speed wouldn't change as the max internet speed is up to abou... Read More »