How important is it to shut down before you switch off the computer?

Answer very important!!!! if your computer is reading or writing something from memory(hard drive) when you turn it off that file or even memory can become corupted. (not usable) if this is a file your... Read More »

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Why does my PC randomly shut down by itself after I switch it on?

O.K. If you get a blue screen that says memory dump at the bottom, it's probably a registry problem. You can usually solve this by reinstalling a copy of windows onto the system. If you have a wind... Read More »

My vauxhall zafira interior light won't switch off (yes all doors are shut) any help please?

HelloIf you have the round light switch to the right of the steering wheel on the dashboard the interior light On/Off switch is by pulling or pushing the centre of it.Andy C

My computer wouldn't switch off, the the mouse went, now it wont switch on it's just dead.Please help?

It could be ANYTHING. You'll need to let a computer guy have a look at it for you.

Help Computer Won't Shut Down.?

Unplug it Will it lose anything mojo? I'm sure that there's a complicated technical answer but here's what I've always done in our situation:UNPLUG IT! Assuming that you've already closed any progr... Read More »