How important is it to shut down before you switch off the computer?

Answer very important!!!! if your computer is reading or writing something from memory(hard drive) when you turn it off that file or even memory can become corupted. (not usable) if this is a file your... Read More »

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My samsung laptop has been shutting down for 3 hours but still has not shut down. How can I shut it down now?

You need to hold down the power button until your computer turns off, if 1-2 minutes has passed and nothing has changed you may need to take out the laptops battery, but make sure your AC adaptor i... Read More »

Why does my PC randomly shut down by itself after I switch it on?

O.K. If you get a blue screen that says memory dump at the bottom, it's probably a registry problem. You can usually solve this by reinstalling a copy of windows onto the system. If you have a wind... Read More »

My computer won't shut down. It keeps getting stuck on the 'windows is shutting down' screen. Any help?

pull the plug out - leave it for five minutes and see if it resets itself

When I shut down the computer and it says Windows is closing down, sometimes it doesn't even after an hour.?

Sounds like an Xp problem, hold in the power button for 6/7 seconds to switch it off, then restart the pc and run a registry cleaner.