How is ICT applied in the NHS?

Answer i work in ict in the nhs, if you look at the connecting for health project you will see many advances are being made to make patient care better. within our trust we have a new patient management s... Read More »

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A rubber burning smell with some smoke when accelerator is applied fully while hand brake was applied.damage?

your car will be fine as long as it did not catch on fire by now it will not . You overheated your brakes and they got too hot the best thing to do was park the car and let them cool. Go ahead and ... Read More »

A-Level applied science and applied business carrer opportunities?

Make a good plan and start working on him. Best option to do is to organize your time, space and energy. Good luck man i hope you will make trough you set goals. My source: experience in life and a... Read More »

I have applied and been refused for voluntary redundancy although i am the only person who has applied for it?

Of course it is legal. They would have to pay you redundancy pay so why should they make you redundant.UK

I need a job like now!!! What can i do I've applied but no one wants me :( help :'(?

You could do voluntary work to improve your job prospects. I used to volunteer in a charity shop and I'mgrateful that it gave me experience of dealing with the public. I believe God will help you t... Read More »