How is a Electron Microscope Different to a Light Microscope?

Answer An electron microscope uses a beam of electrons to produce the specimen's image. The light microscope uses natural sunlight that is directed to a condenser lens by a mirror to illuminate the specim... Read More »

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What is an Electron Microscope?

An electron microscope is a type of microscope that uses electrons rather than photons — as a conventional light microscope does — for imaging. Because electrons have a much smaller wavelength... Read More »

How Does an Electron Microscope Work?

An electron microscope is a type of microscope more powerful than an optical microscope. Instead of simply using lenses and light to magnify samples like an optical microscope does, an electron mic... Read More »

What Is a Scanning Electron Microscope?

The scanning electron microscope is a piece of equipment which uses high-energy electron beams to generate information about a microscopy sample. The information that is generated is then resolved ... Read More »

What is a Compound Light Microscope?

A compound light microscope, also known as the bright field microscope, is an instrument commonly used inside the laboratory to view specimens mounted on a glass slide. The compound microscope magn... Read More »