How is everything equal when you give 1pence to the till operator?

Answer They get the extra 1p (or whatever it is) in their change - as you say, means the till operator has to give them fewer coins. Example:Cost of item is 1.01 and the customer offer a £5 note; they ar... Read More »

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When you pushed the baseball and bowling ball with an equal force, the baseball went farther on the table because it has a smaller mass. If gravity also exerts an equal force on the 2 balls, like your push, then why do they fall at equal speeds?

The answer is that gravity doesn't exert equal forces on the 2 balls! It pulls down harder on the bowling ball than it does on the baseball. Suppose the bowling ball has 10 times the mass of the ba... Read More »

Whats the difference between a Process Operator and a Production Operator?

Process operator is responsible for the operation of the plant, working a 12-hour rotating shift schedule, to ensure maximum production quantity and quality, while supporting the policies, goals, a... Read More »

Is it legal to be asked to work from 1pm till ten pm one day then go in again at 5am till 1pm the next day?

It's called overtime, and most people these days work 50 or more hours a week to earn money. It's not illegal, and even if you aren't being paid overtime, sometimes its necesssary to stay late at w... Read More »

How does the egg (sitting on a table) hold up the table If the "weight vs. support force of table" is not always an equal pair then how is the "support force of the egg vs. the table" an equal pair?

When an egg is sitting on a table, each object is exerting a support force on the other object. Those two support forces are equal in magnitude (amount) but opposite in direction. To be specific, t... Read More »