How likely is SOPA / PIPA will pass?

Answer highly unlikely i mean SOPA has already been stopped but i doubt this is the last we will every hear about it. this will definently not pass i mean seriously google is even against it

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Why did Sopa and Pipa attack Wikipidia?

Wikipidia borrowed a few quid off of Sopa and Pipa and refused to pay it back on time, therefore Sopa and Pipa attacked Wikipidia.

What is all this about SOPA and PIPA?

It would definitely affect you considering how many websites you visit are American. Almost all of the big American websites are against it. Not to mention Google's anti-censorship petition has ove... Read More »

Does anyone in britain worry about these internet bills-SOPA, PIPA and ACTA?

If you have not been breaking the law by downloading illegally then these acts will have no effect on your life.

One if my students has offered sex to pass my subject: currently a Fail grade is likely. What should I do?

I'd tell someone in authority right quick, because when you refuse, said student might go to the dean and say you solicited sex to give him/her a better grade. Hopefully you have a witness in your... Read More »