How long can this internet page im making exist?

Answer It will disappear as soon as you no longer comply with the terms of service for keeping it alive. Often within nine months of you not logging in if tat is what it requires, or as soon as you do not... Read More »

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When I try to connect internet my browser shows "this page can not be displayed.?

Go into Control Panel ( classic view)Open: Network ConnectionsHighlight your Internet Connection with your mouseRight click on it and chose PropertiesHighlight TCP/IP with your mouseClick: Propert... Read More »

Someone keeps making my internet go off how do i stop this?

He is DDOSing you (Which means he's sending lots of data at your internet connection so it crashes), You will need to contact your internet service provider and ask them to change your 'IP address'... Read More »

Why can't Google find a page that does exist?

Some websites ask web crawlers not to index their sites.

Where does the internet exist?

The Internet is a massive network of servers and computers. When you go to the yahoo website, for example, you are connecting to a server with the Domain name There is not a c... Read More »