How long do you normally spend on the internet?

Answer Tooooo Loooong. So much daily ground to cover. E-mails, news, news, news, research. And now here.

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How long do you spend on the internet each day?

my boyfriend has only recently learnt how to work a computer and also got the internet and he's on it all the time

How much do people (male) normally spend on clothing per year What is their buying pattern?

Hi Most of us guys may buy something once or twice a year or only when they notice that they need a new pair of trousers or need a shirt so wed do tend to buy a couple of pairs of trousers at the s... Read More »

How long to PPI claims normally take?

My 3 weeks turned into 6 weeks. It will arrive. Don't forget you have to declare the interest to the tax man.UK

I normally have really long, thick eyelashes?

when you are removing your mascara get a cotton bud and put a bit of Johnson's baby oil on it and wipeyour eye with soft downward strokesthat way you get your mascara of without losing an eyelash w... Read More »