How long does it normally take to extract a 200MB file?

Answer This is a very ambiguous question because we do not know anything about your setup or what your actually extracting. You could be in fact extracting a tarball(.tar) or even a gzip file(.tar.gz/.gz)... Read More »

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How to Extract an EXE File in Ubuntu?

The Ubuntu operating system does not natively understand what to do with an .EXE file. An .EXE file would install a piece of software in Windows; it will just result in an error message in Ubuntu. ... Read More »

Why won't my rar file extract It immediately says job done but it hasn't done anything.?

Try to exract it by another software. See the file's size, watch maybe its a virus. If you know ur file is at least 4mb and its only 10kb, then it must be a virus. (thats if you downloaded it from ... Read More »

Without using an iso mounter (eg poweriso dameon tool) cAn I just extract the iso file with winrar and instAll?

You can install the game by extracting, but it won't let you play it until you put the disc in, unless you apply a no-dvd patch. And even if you try and mount it, it won't work, it needs a proper d... Read More »

Is 200mb enough for 5 days ?

I guess your asking is 200 mega bites enough to surf the internet for 5 days. The answer is no. You can not even look at one video you could only listen to 5 songs. Playing games would be out. ... Read More »