How long does it take for emails to travel from one side of the earth to the other?

Answer hi,3 seconds or less if there are 30 routers in the path and there is an average congestion in the network. even if its the farthest route but functioning properly. these are electrons travelling a... Read More »

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How Long Does it Take for Light From the Sun to Reach the Earth?

It takes 8 minutes for the Sun's light to reach Earth after being emitted from the sun. The distance between Earth and the sun varies between 147 and 152 million kilometers.

How long does it take to travel by train from Liverpool to London?

The average journey time between Liverpool and London, using the direct Virgin West Coast Pendolino trains is 2 1/2 hours. If your buying a Saver Return, you can only use it after (and including) t... Read More »

How long does it take to travel from liverpool to manchester by train and car?

By car, out of rush hour about an hours drive, early morning about 30mins and in rush hour Id take a packed lunch! (about 2-3 hours)Train about 40 mins.Check out theaa routeplanner for car journey ... Read More »

How Long Does it Take for the Sun to GO Around the Earth?

The sun is a star. Earth is a planet that rotates around the Sun. The sun does not go around the earth. On the contrary, it takes the Earth, about 365.25 days to to around the Sun.