How long have you had facebook for?

Answer almost 2 years

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Facebook- Farmville- How long do you have to harvest things, once they have fully grown until they die?

actually, it takes however long the crop to grow. for example, strawberries take 4 hours to grow, this means 4 hours after they ripen, they will die. So when your soybeans ripen, you have 1 day to ... Read More »

Facebook...Is it acceptable for married or "couples" to have facebook and flirt with others on it?

Friendly flirting - not serious flirting. However, I have a MySpace specifically marked as a friendship page - just friends chatting. Just because a man is interacting with women does not mean he... Read More »

Can someone send files to my facebook contacts after i have deactivated my facebook account?

For the average person no this is not possible.But in the cyber world anything is possible because this environment is built on machine code.So the person wanting to do such a thing would need the ... Read More »

What's with the everyday normal people on facebook that have like tons of 'followers' on facebook?

idk, he looks like a loser, but it isnt surprising since there is a website that automatically gets you followers.