How long should it take for broadband re-connection?

Answer This is due to BT prepping your line for broadband dont worry it normally takes less than 10 days you should recieve an activation date through the post but dont worry it will be on soon... Good lu... Read More »

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When putting toothpaste on spots how long should it take to work and how long should you leave it on?

it'll only draw out deep spots and stop them from going manky / *****overnight is the answer to your question

How long do BT take to activate broadband (UK users)?

Switched to BT 3 months ago,10 working days if it helps.

How long do BT take to set broadband up if i have a landline already?

About 3 days and if it ADSL broadband, then very little difference betweenany of the because whichever one you use because you will be using thesame exchange, equipment and phone lines as BT owns t... Read More »

Why does my mobile broadband take so long to disconnect?

I have no idea how to fix the problem but it's typical really, making you use more space therefore spending more money when you have to buy another usb stick ~ I hope someone can help you :)