How long will this take!!?

Answer Hopefully you will get it by next weekend.

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How long will this take?

Keeping biting and find out, how the heck would we who do not have the obsession know? I do not click on links left on YA so I have no idea what that is about.Oh and the nail biting has little wit... Read More »

How long will this journey take?

Depending on exactly where you are in Devon, and assuming a stop on the way, this would be my idea of hell. I'd sayDevon - Dover 6 or 7 hoursDover - Calais Perhaps 2 hours including loading & unloa... Read More »

How long will this tattoo take?

How long will this Bank Transfer take?

Depends on the type of transfer. Wires are very quick but you pay more. ACH transfers are a bit slower but cheaper. Speed is also dependent on your balance and how new the account is. The banke... Read More »