How many internet users are there in the world?

Answer There are 6,499,697,060 people in the world and about 16.6 percent of them use the internet. Making a grand total of around... 1,076,203,987

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Why are there so many facebook users, can't people see how bad fb is?

FB is only for those who found watching paint dry too exciting.

How many people use the internet today in the world 2013?

WORLD TOTAL7,017,846,922360,985,492Since you are asking for the number rather than distribution, Google says:2,405,518,376 currently.

How Many Cities Are There in the World?

A city comes to life almost everyday in the world so it is difficult to have a precise figure. However it can be said that about 60,000 cities exist in the world. Look here for details:

How Many Sikhs Are There in the World?

Sikhism was founded over 500 years ago. Currently, the Sikh religion has a following of over 20 million people all over the world. It is ranked as the fifth largest religion.