How many jobs does tourism create in the uk?

Answer I don't know the exact figure, but I'm pretty sure it's a negative number because half of them don't go home.

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What is holiday job Is it interpreted as part time jobs or tourism related jobs?

I'd say it's more like a part time job. Students may decide to get holiday jobs during term time, for example, so that they can earn money whilst they aren't attending school/college.

What jobs can you get once you've finish BTEC LEVEL 3 Travel and Tourism?

Land yourself a job at a resort hotelResorts have entire departments for catering, bookings, sales, events (weddings, etc)

What are disadvantages and advantages of tourism can you also give me improvements for the future for tourism?

Don't miss advertise when it comes to transport There has to be good public transport taxis buses ETC the local amenity's must be good and reasonable. I went to Kerry and it pissed rain the hole ti... Read More »

Immigration & unnemployment create jobs too?

In response to JAVELOT800G, I'm not saying I necessarily agree with Cheryl O, but your attack on her makes no sense at all. Firstly, why do you assume she's in the United States? I read her answe... Read More »