How many network switches ports would I need ?

Answer depends on what kind of switches. the interconnects also take up ports, so the smaller the switches are, the more you waste on interconnect. without knowing what kind of switches you plan to use, i... Read More »

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How many switches ports would I need for 360 computers?

Ahem... I think it would be wiser to place the firewall between the ISPs and the "router". That will block a lot of incoming hacks.Also, there are many Linux based firewalls that have fail-over or ... Read More »

How to Combine Network Ports?

Computer systems may have more than one connection to a local area network available. For example, a laptop computer may have both a wired and wireless connection, or a server computer may have mul... Read More »

I have two usb ports on the front of my pc i plugged my camera in and they power surged the ports....?

usb ports on the front of the case can sometimes be optional and may not be connected the ones on the rear are connected to the motherboard and will operate the equipment you want.

My pc only some times recognises my usb ports on the front of my case or the 4 ports on my motherboard.?

A few things to try, firstly, you would have to open the case and check the cables for your front ports are seated properly. Unplug them and then plug them back in again.Also check that your mother... Read More »