How many people can be on my personal ventrilo server?

Answer You could run a 20 user Vent server on a 700Mhz, 512mb Ram and 2Gb Storage Raspberry Pi.Its not so much the Computer, but your Internet Bandwidth, and with out knowing that, no one will be able to ... Read More »

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How do I Make a Ventrilo Server?

Want to set up a private Ventrilo server for you and your guildmates? Getting your own server up and running is easier than you might think. Ideally, you want to run your server on a separate compu... Read More »

How to Get the Admin Password for a Ventrilo Server?

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How to Make the Sound Quality Better on a Ventrilo Server?

The Ventrilo software is a voice over IP software commonly used to facilitate voice chat between computer gamers. Ventrilo clients connect to a server, hosted by the user or through a third-party c... Read More »

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