How many people on your facebook do you talk to in real life?

Answer 14 out of 14

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Why do people request to be your friend on facebook....but then NOT talk to you>?

so they can have more friends on their profile, helps them feel good.

Why do people have better friendships on facebook than they do in real life when face to face?

Because over the internet more people tend to have less of a fear of socializing/being judged because they are the ones that decide what you know and see, get my drift? Thing is I don't have a face... Read More »

Can you hide how many people like your fan page on Facebook?

Why would you want to? I just have nothing to do with face book.... (that way no-one can say anything about me (plus or minus))

Does using msn count as having a social life even if you have no mates but you still talk to people on msn?

dont worry about what other people think so much friendship is a good thing wherever or however you connect with people .