How many people post something in youtube or yahoo answers a day?

Answer What are you asking me for ???go ask youtube /yahoo

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How can I prevent people stalking me on yahoo! answers?

after looking at some of your Q&A , I think you should learn 'never let your mouth write a check that your azz cant cover"

Do people ask random questions on Yahoo! answers?

This all depends on what you mean by "random". If you mean random in time, place, orientation etc, then I would opine that people do not ask truly "random" questions, but that there is some correl... Read More »

Why do some people who use Yahoo Answers apparently not know what a search engine is?

Unfortunately, not all of us yet understand 'search engines' when you get thousands of results back. It is easier to 'talk' to people to get an answer you understand. A lot of it depends on how the... Read More »

How did people waste time before the Internet and Yahoo! Answers?

I don't waste my time on here. Only my employer's.