How many scots on facebook?

Answer Lots of Scottish use Facebook . If you want an exact number it is impossible to tell .

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Scots Law?

I don't know about Scotland, but I believe in England you can't witness and benefit - to avoid coercion. She can be executrix and beneficiary but not the witness as far as I know Harry. I've alway... Read More »

Do you think that the scots should have the right to seperate from the UK?

to above poster - Scotland subsidising us!!!!! HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA now that has given me a laugh yeah give the sweatys their independance see how long it is b4 they come crawling back to westminster wi... Read More »

Scots Law executor problem?

Should the executor have been aware of the possibility of such a claim? I think the executor is liable if he/she has been negligent but we would need more info on the circumstances. And this is a m... Read More »

Why Did Mary Queen of Scots Die?

Mary Queen of Scots was executed because of her participation in three attempts to assassinate Elizabeth I. More information about Mary, Queen of Scots can be found at