How many switches ports would I need for 360 computers?

Answer Ahem... I think it would be wiser to place the firewall between the ISPs and the "router". That will block a lot of incoming hacks.Also, there are many Linux based firewalls that have fail-over or ... Read More »

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How many network switches ports would I need ?

depends on what kind of switches. the interconnects also take up ports, so the smaller the switches are, the more you waste on interconnect. without knowing what kind of switches you plan to use, i... Read More »

How to Clean the USB Ports in Laptop Computers?

USB ports, or Universal Serial Bus ports, are designed to accept external devices such as digital cameras, modems, printers, game controllers and many other devices. The USB ports also tend to beco... Read More »

What is the best way to connect two computers when there is no ethernet ports fitted?

there are several ways to connect without network cards, you could use a laplink cable which connects through the serial ports which all pc's have, although these would be relatively short so the p... Read More »

Why are memory sticks that plug in to the USB ports on all computers called flash drives?

Its called a flash drive because it uses flash memory. Flash memory is called this because it stores information (like memory) and you can flash it (meaning you can update or delete the info stored... Read More »