How many text (SMS) sent in 2012/2011?

Answer In what country? Globally?You can send text messages using GPRS too, after all.Check out ITU, for instance…

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How do I get my friends statuses on facebook sent to my fone in a text?

First activate mobile texts for your phone if you haven't done so already.After you’ve activated Facebook texts: Open the Account dropdown menu at the top right corner of Facebook and choose A... Read More »

How to Stop a Text Message From Being Sent on an iPhone?

The Messages application on your iPhone allows you to send and receive short message service and multimedia message service text messages on your iPhone. It is not possible to delete or deactivate ... Read More »

If someone sends a text via a website can you find out the IP address it was sent from Thanks?

it depends on the site, some sites will add a header (an extra line of text used by mailservers) , but it's entirely optional.The X-IP tag (also named X-Originating-IP) is probably the most importa... Read More »

How do I set up a PC so that txts sent to the work mobile arrive at the computer and we can text from here?

Your are best talking to your Network provider, some phones like Nokia or Sony Ericsson use a PC Suite, this will allow you to hook a mobile to the PC over USB and using the Messaging part of the S... Read More »