How many text (SMS) sent in 2012/2011?

Answer In what country? Globally?You can send text messages using GPRS too, after all.Check out ITU, for instance…

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Is there are way to convert text on paper, like pages of a book, into editable text without typing?

What CJ said. You just need to use the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software that probably came with your scanner (or a friend's if you haven't got one) and save the resulting scan as an ed... Read More »

What site has a text generator that changes text to small uppercase?

messengerfreak.comthen click text generator

Making a text box align with the rest of my text in Word?

The following procedures work in regular Word, but I think they might also work in Word Starter. Main idea: use the text box's layout controls to align the text box with your custom margins.== To a... Read More »

Plain Text versus Rich Text HTML?

Rich text can be read by almost anyone, plain text doesn't always carry changes - and you can't change font or highlight etc in plain text. I always convert to HMTL if I'm not just sending straigh... Read More »