How many users can a 802.11n access point support?

Answer Victor G is approx right. I'd add that it is really important which model you get. The "N" standard ( which really isn't approved yet) has been marketed on two separate hardware modes: - single ... Read More »

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How many pcs/laptops can connect wirelessly to a wireless router or access point?

It varies, and in theory, you could have hundreds on one network. Problem is, it would be slower than molasses and would not be worth the hassle by any means. Even if you're running a Gigabit N rou... Read More »

How did users access resources in an early centralised system?

It was by "contention". Basically everyone inputted their data and provided it didn't collide with another package it got through. If it didn't it was repeated until cleared. Naturally, the system ... Read More »

Archos 605 Wi-Fi users can I access BBC i- player and does it work ok.?

I,m sure he can. They quite often feature the Archos sytem on QVC and they presenter said you can connect it to home hub or tv screen, bbc i-player it sounds like a very good system.You dont need t... Read More »

How can ict be used to enable users to gain access to council services such as a leisure centre?

UK Councils all have web sites ending in Many have 'extranet' facilities which enable people to make payments on council tax bills, access the library system, book facilities at a leisure ... Read More »