How much can I sell this computer for?

Answer Don't sell it...use it for a media center.The small amount of money you can get for it makes it more valuable as a MC.

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How much should I sell this computer for?

$750 to someone you know or on'll only get like $400 at a pawn shop

Any ideas on how much I could sell this computer for...?

How much do you think this computer would sell for?

Its cool that you built that but, Everything sounds average and outdated. Most of those parts and specs are found in the average computers sold at BestBuy for $150-200. But since its used id say yo... Read More »

How Much Should I Sell This Computer System For This Is A New System?

brand new not tinkered with I'd give it just over $500. If you throw about $200 into it get a better proccessor and a larger harddrive and a bit more ram yopu could get $800 to $900 for it.