How much data usage does streaming use..?

Answer It's not based on the 'strength' of the machine but the size of the files you are viewing.I do not have Netflix , but you can get an idea from BBC Iplayer for example.If you look at half an hours w... Read More »

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How much data usage does talking online take up?

Ask them to change to BT Broadband Option3, it costs me about £22 per month and there is no limit to the usage.

What burns up more data usage using wifi from my nieghbours computer- streaming or downloading?

How much GB does film streaming use?

It's a somewhat complicated answer to a simple question.As you know, GB is a gigabyte and which is a measurement of data. There's no definitely answer to your question without knowing the specific... Read More »

When buying a laptop for main usage of video streaming, what should I look for?

You need to look in the 500 to 600 price range. Hello,Here are some sites to shop at.…â€... Read More »