How much data usage does talking online take up?

Answer Ask them to change to BT Broadband Option3, it costs me about £22 per month and there is no limit to the usage.

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How much internet usage does online ps3 games take?

If you're talking about internet usage, you are probably talking about kilobytes per second or megabits per second.I'm am pretty sure that PS3 games take less than 300 kilobytes per second (kbs) or... Read More »

How much data usage does streaming use..?

It's not based on the 'strength' of the machine but the size of the files you are viewing.I do not have Netflix , but you can get an idea from BBC Iplayer for example.If you look at half an hours w... Read More »

How much of my monthly usage will it take to watch a 90 minute film?

It depends on the quality of the video. SD (standard definition) or HD (High Definition). If its a HD film you would have to download more, which means you use more MB (1000MB = 1GB). If its a SD f... Read More »

What sort of bandwidth usage does BT consider to be in breach of their fair usage policy?

Probably if your using it in 24/7 or commercially. this is a disclaimer, if you are paying for an "unlimited" service. So theres no straight answer. If anyone has been involved in a court case in... Read More »