How much do you reckon I could sell this PC for?

Answer unfortunately a pc is just like a car, as soon as you buy it you loose as much as 1/4 of its value, I would say probably no more then 200 to 250 pounds, as long as you are planning on selling it i... Read More »

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Would you reckon I am doing well enough in my job?

Unless you are really awful they will not sack you as finding people to do this kind of work is always difficult. Just keep busy and give no excuses for getting at you. stay out of the bosses way. ... Read More »

How much do you reckon it would cost for...?

When a group of 6 of us have gone to Pizza Hut it was £15 each, just depends what you have and what size pizza really, I'd take £20 each to make sure you have enough.

How much do you reckon this is costing?

It depends where your dad was able to get the parts from. I would say that it would be anywhere between £800 and £1500 for the full repair. It's worth thinking of getting fully comp. insurance in... Read More »

Audi TT or S8.... what do you reckon?

buy the AUDI quattro TT 225in black i have one and its soooo great love burning the boy races off lolthe audi tt is a dream to drive so fast when you need it xx