How much does it cost to advertise and what are the best ways to advertise?

Answer Advertising can cost anything from tens of pounds to thousands, depending on the medium you choose.The best ways to advertise are where your target market gathers. For example, if you provide a ke... Read More »

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What are the best ways that i can advertise my new dessert cafe, both cost effective & maximum impact?

It sounds like you have a storefront. Having your branding and web site done professionaly was a smart move. Web promotion is one part of what you need to do next. Go to my website listed at end... Read More »

I'm promoting a summerball event and need new ways to advertise to younger people instead of the normal ways?

When it comes to advertsing towards Students its best to use social networking sites like:MySpace - popularFacebook - very popular nowBeboHi5Also:1. most people use classifieds such as http://www.s... Read More »

Best ways to advertise?

A website is the most cost-effective marketing tool out there. You can advertise your business, service or product to millions of potential customers 24 hours a day 365 days a year.It saves you lo... Read More »

Other ways to advertise my business?

Everyone is always looking for a bargain. Perhaps include a coupon on your fliers for one free piece of clothing or something like that.