How much mb does it take to go on Facebook on a mobile phone?

Answer If you reply msg or sent msg, it won't eat up much data. It will take upto 0.50 - 1 MB probably.But if you browse photo, timeline or upload photos then it will need more data & it will depend on th... Read More »

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How Much Does it Cost to Call a Mobile Phone?

Cost of calling a mobile phone will vary between service providers and the type of call package you have. BT's call package offer calls to mobile number as 11.3p per minute daytime and 5.3p per mi... Read More »

How Much Does it Cost to Charge a Mobile Phone?

The cost of charging your mobile phone is pretty small. It costs no more than other electrical appliances. You can work out how much it would cost depending on the wattage and how much you are ch... Read More »

My girlfriend is addicted to her mobile and facebook, why does it grate me soo much?

you remind me of my self when i was younger you put up with her non sence because you want a girl friend and perhaps a piece but you really think shes a twit f her until you find someone better

One facebook app is showing mobile phone number?

recently this one changed. Your friends can see your phone number and email id but not the others .you can try once in this following link... Read More »