How much would i need to pay for a decent gaming computer?

Answer If you are talking about laptops for that price go with the AMD A-Series. I bought a A6-3400 for about $498 with a 17.3 screen (acer) and can play all my games on high setting including BF3. You... Read More »

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What specs would i need for a decent gaming computer?

I'd say you want to go at least $700 minimum. As far as specsIvy or Sandy Bridge Core i5 processor (i3 if you're on a tight budget)4-8 GB of 1600 mhz RAM (might as well go 8 since RAM is very chea... Read More »

How much would a decent gaming rig cost?

If your only gaming is around the LoL level, then you don't need a really high-end graphics card. Just to clarify are you refusing to go with AMD on graphics cards, or just on the CPU side? I'd say... Read More »

I need a decent gaming computer with a budget?

It's a respectable machine. The graphics card, in particular, is powerful enough to run even the latest games on low settings, especially since it's dedicated and therefore won't hog your RAM. The ... Read More »

Is this a decent gaming computer?

Looks good, might be some games you can't run on high/ultra but it'll run most on good settings.