How much would these jobs earn in a year (UK)?

Answer Sadly these are all poorly paid jobs. Dont do them if money is important. These jobs should be held in higher regard but they are not, maybe £15,000 to £26,000

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What jobs are likely to earn over £50,000 a year or more?

Bank jobs , but always remember to wear a mask or you wont see the profits :)

Does anyone know what kind of jobs a 15 year old can do to earn money?

If you apply to your local council you can obtain a work permit which allows you to work very restricted hours during the week and weekend and not many of the "big name" companies will employ any o... Read More »

How much do black cab drivers earn They can earn from £30k to £100k a year and they can easily evade tax.?

Why are you so annoyed about this!! when there are so many problems in this world death, suffering,the poor elderly, etc the list goes on. unless you put a tax man in every cab, or every self emplo... Read More »

Is it really fair that a street cleaner can earn £53.000 a year and I'm stuck with £25.000 a year?

You appear to be earning as much as a teacher. Wish I was earning that. Stop whining and get the dinner on.