How not to lose my free Yahoo mail contents?

Answer No you shouldn't lose them - all your e-mails, attachments, etc are stored on Yahoo's servers so once you have your new broadband you should just be able to log in as usual and all your stuff will ... Read More »

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Which is better... hotmail, g mail or yahoo, im getting bombarded with junk on This e-mail (plus e-mail names)?

i think its a matter of opinion, but if you hate junk mail, then i would suggest you open another e-mail account and only use it for business purposes, friends only, etc, if you use yahoo don't eve... Read More »

I received mail MSN/YAHOO Lottery INC. that I won 500,000 Pound prize. Is there any YAHOO/MSN INC.?

No. I get emails like this all the time, they are after personal information. Don't respond and mark it as spam.

Which is better and why Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail (Windows Live Mail)?

MSN mail is just has a better format...they have a better set up

Yahoo Mail message appears when I try to connect with my mail?

Which browser are you using?There's a known conflict, resulting in this message, between Firefox and Yahoo's website, but most web references to it refer to early versions of Firefox. If you're us... Read More »