How small do memory cards have to become?

Answer I think the limit was a few atoms thick but would melt due to the heat if not cooled properly. Good luck getting that small and still make practicle sales.

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Will the memory cards be the same if I buy one from Usa?

..."memory cards are different types over USA"No they're not! SD, micro etc cards are the same the world over.As long as you buy the correct format it'll work☺

RAM memory cards PC ?

it depends what card your PC takes. mine takes PC3200 but they come anywhere from PC1000 to PC6000 or something like that.

Can you buy memory cards for ipads?

iPads are designed to operate on a wireless network. Your printers, storage etc. all exist on the network from where the iPad can access them. Add a networked drive and you can have all the stor... Read More »

SD photo memory cards?

If it is only cracked, try using a USB/Card reader adapter (bought mine in a pound shop). Hopefully the PC will then recognise the card and allow retreival and also prevent the card possibly jammin... Read More »