How to Access a Switchboard Stuck in Design View?

Answer Microsoft Access is a powerful database program, but the interface it uses can be confusing, especially for new users or those who lack a technical background. For that reason, many database design... Read More »

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How to Get Behind a Switchboard in Access Shortcut?

When you design a new Microsoft Access database, one of the smartest things you can do is create a switchboard that starts as soon as that database is open. A switchboard is a custom form that cont... Read More »

How to Run a Query From a Switchboard in Microsoft Access?

Objects that you use frequently should be easily accessible in your Microsoft Access database. Adding controls to a switchboard is a convenient way to put those objects at your fingertips. Access d... Read More »

Microsoft Access Switchboard Tutorial?

The Microsoft Access switchboard is a form that provides a portal for users to access necessary forms, reports and other features of your database from one location. A database can have multiple sw... Read More »

How to Identify the Functions of a Switchboard in Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access switchboards place commonly used objects at your fingertips. Switchboards are created, modified and organised through a "Switchboard Manager." If you renamed an object that is used... Read More »