How to Add Food Coloring to a Drink to Change the Appearance & Make It Taste Different?

Answer Whether you are dyeing a green beer for St. Patrick's Day, mixing up a blue Hawaiian or simply colouring your party's punch, adding food colouring to a drink gives it a customised colour of your ow... Read More »

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Does food coloring change the color of food?

Food coloring is a solution of dye molecules—molecules that absorb light of certain wavelengths extremely efficiently. When a particle of light—a photon—of the right wavelength encounters one... Read More »

Why Does Food Coloring Change the Color of Plants?

Many of us remember this from our childhood: putting food colouring into a glass of water and then placing a plant stem---often a white flower---in the glass. The plant actually changes colour. It'... Read More »

Can You Change the Color of a Flower Plant With Food Coloring?

Food colouring can be used to dye flowers new colours, bridging the gap between art and gardening. This is a fun way to introduce students to botany, giving them a visual representation of how plan... Read More »

How to Make Red Food Coloring?

You might be afraid of the side effects attributed to artificial food colourings. One option would be to buy natural food colouring from a speciality store, but this can be very expensive. There is... Read More »