How to Cancel a Friend Request on Facebook?

Answer Go to their page and scroll down the left side. You can click cancel friend request.

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Did my friend ignore or cancel my friend request on facebook?

if it says friend request pending that means the person has not yet seen or responded to the request. some people don't go on facebook 5 times a day, or even every day for that matter. don't stre... Read More »

Is there any way you can cancel a friend request on facebook?

ok the easiest way to cancel it is to go to your privacy settings, type in the name of the person you wish to cancel in the block list. Then remove them from it straight away. This cancels it, but ... Read More »

I sent a friend request on facebook but i want to cancel it?

You can't. Which I think is a bit stupid. You'll just have to wait for their reply, if they decline - lucky you! or unlucky you! If they accept, just delete them if you really don't want them on yo... Read More »

If you cancel a friend request on facebook does it show?

I think No Unless in these 10 minutes he checked his friend request