How to Change the Timing Chain on a 1988 Toyota 22RE?

Answer The 22RE engine is a four-cylinder 2.4-litre engine that Toyota manufactured from 1983 to 1995. It appears in a variety of Toyota vehicles during this period, such as the Toyota Pickup. The 22RE ha... Read More »

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How to Install a Timing Chain on a Toyota 22 RE?

The 22R-E engine appears in several Toyota vehicles with front-wheel drive from 1983 to 1995. This engine designation indicates the engine is the 22nd generation in the R engine family and has elec... Read More »

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1989 Toyota Corolla Timing Chain Replacement Instructions?

The timing chain, or timing belt, of your 1989 Toyota Corolla is a part of the engine's timing system, which helps keep the engine running properly. Damage to the timing chain may cause it to malfu... Read More »