How to Check if You Have a Warrant?

Answer A warrant is a document issued by a court to law enforcement agencies about an individual who is accused of a crime. The warrant typically instructs law enforcement officials about what to do if th... Read More »

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How to Check to Make Sure I Do Not Have a Warrant?

A warrant is a legal document that gives law enforcement the authority to arrest someone or seize property, if a situation calls for such. Warrants are issued for a variety of reasons, such as unpa... Read More »

What is a warrant?

A warrant is a right to purchase a specific security at a later date - usually issued with a debt security - at terms specific to the underlying debt agreement. The equity equivalent is a stock op... Read More »

Subpoena Vs. Warrant?

A warrant and subpoena have some similarities. For instance, they are legal documents involving legally ordering a person to comply with a court order. The documents, however, aren't used in that s... Read More »

How Long Does a Warrant Last?

Warrants do not expire. Once a warrant have been given, it would last as long as the person has been caught and taken to jail.