How to Choose a Professional Video Camcorder?

Answer In the early '90s choosing a professional camcorder was simple. Betacam, Sony's pro version of its failed Betamax format, ruled the roost. If you bought a BVW-400A you could be assured every networ... Read More »

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How Do I Choose the Best Professional Video Camera?

When researching the purchase of a professional video camera to chose, there are many things to take into consideration, including the features and options that you desire. The perfect camera will ... Read More »

Professional Camcorder Techniques?

Professional camcorders offer much more flexibility in picture quality, lighting controls and lens versatility than consumer camcorders. If you have a more expensive Prosumer or Professional camcor... Read More »

Do It Yourself: How to Copy 8mm Camcorder Video to DVD?

It costs money to get your 8 MM videos copied onto DVDs. Dale Renyolds, at The Computer Doctors, in Aberdeen, South Dakota, says that if you have the right equipment, you can copy your 8 MM videos ... Read More »

How to Convert 8mm Video Camcorder to Digital?

The conversion of 8mm video camcorder media to a digital format can be done in two ways. 8mm video tapes are traditional magnetic media tapes that must be played using an 8mm camcorder. The key fea... Read More »