How to Clean Dog Urine off Concrete Floor?

Answer It can be difficult to eliminate the odour of dog urine off concrete floors. Most general household cleaners will do little to get rid of the smell, especially if the urine is on bare (unsealed) co... Read More »

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How to Clean Dog Poop & Urine From a Laminated Floor?

Laminate gives your home the look of wood flooring at a reduced cost. The flooring provides a durable surface for pets, but you need to take care when cleaning your dog's accidents to prevent stain... Read More »

How to Clean a Concrete Floor After Removing Carpeting?

Carpet that is attached to a concrete floor is usually held down by adhesive. Unfortunately, when you remove the carpeting to replace it, the adhesive usually does not come off with the carpet in a... Read More »

What Gets Cat Urine Out of Concrete?

Cat urine contains both uric acid, pheromones and other waste products that give it a potent odour. Unless sealed, concrete is a very porous material that the urine saturates, leaving a stain and a... Read More »

The Best Way to Get Cat Urine Out of the Floor Boards?

Before kittens learn what a kitty litter box is for, you may encounter urine stains across your flooring. A porous material such as wood floor boards absorb the liquid, leaving stains and odour beh... Read More »