How to Connect Two Twin Mattresses?

Answer It's easy and relatively inexpensive to convert two twin mattresses into one king-size bed. Most linen stores or stores with linen departments sell twin bed bridges that will cover the uncomfortabl... Read More »

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How Do I Join Two Twin Mattresses?

Some people have multiple twin mattresses left over from their children or their own childhood. Instead of donating them or throwing them away, many people opt to join two twin mattresses to form a... Read More »

How to Convert Two Twin XL Mattresses to King?

Taking two twin XL mattresses to create a new king-size bed is an ideal, inexpensive way to create a new bed. You do not have to spend the time researching and buying a new king-size mattress and b... Read More »

How to Convert Twin Mattresses to King Size?

Upgrading to a king-size bed doesn't have to be expensive. If you've got two identical twin mattresses left over from your children or your own childhood, joining the two beds can be a cheap altern... Read More »

Are 2 Twin Mattresses the Same Size As 1 King Size Mattress?

You may have noticed that hotels often link two twin beds together to form a single king size bed. The hotel can rent the room to clients who prefer twin beds as well as to others who prefer a king... Read More »