How to Connect a BNC Cable to a Monitor?

Answer Television signals travel over coaxial cables that usually have RCA plugs that simply push into place for many video connections. But cables for more professional equipment sometimes have BNC conne... Read More »

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Is there a lead / cable that you can get to connect PC to TV so that the TV then becomes the monitor?

Unless you have a High Definition TV I wouldn't bother. The resolution of a normal TV is too low for anything except playing games. it would be like using your normal monitor in 640 x 480 mode... m... Read More »

Will this cable connect my xbox 360 to a computer monitor?

How to Connect a Cable Box to a Flat Screen Monitor?

The cable set-top box in your home theatre system changes the signal from your cable TV service so it can be clearly displayed by your TV. Use an HDMI cable when connecting your cable box to a flat... Read More »

Can you use an VGA Monitor Replacement Cable to connect two laptops?

If both laptops have got a network connection you can use remote control software to control the laptop with the broken screen from the one that works.Here is some example software:http://www.realv... Read More »