How to Cure Dried Meat?

Answer Dry curing is the oldest method known to man of curing meat. Meat that is already dry cannot be cured, therefore add the ingredients you want to cure it in before drying out. The key ingredients ar... Read More »

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What Are the Different Types of Dried Meat?

Dried meat has century-old roots in cuisine around the world. Often air-dried or cured with salt, drying meat is considered the oldest form of meat preservation. Moisture leaves the meat as it drie... Read More »

How to Cook With Dried Soy Meat?

Soy meat is the term used for textured soy protein (TSP). Dried soy meat can serve as replacement for meat in vegetarian cuisine and in cases when one must reduce intake of animal proteins. It is b... Read More »

What Is Freeze-Dried Meat?

Meat can be stored for the long haul in a range of ways, from dehydration and canning to pickling and freeze-drying. Freeze-dried meat undergoes a process that is the opposite as canning, using a f... Read More »

How to Cure Bacon Meat?

Curing is the process of removing water from meat, typically through salting, to promote shelf-life longevity; cured meat is more hostile to bacterial growth and will last much longer than uncured ... Read More »