How to Cut Bamboo Poles?

Answer Bamboo may look and feel like wood, but it is actually a member of the grass family and is grown primarily in East Asia and Southeast Asia. Fresh bamboo is the favourite food of those cute Chinese ... Read More »

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What Can I Do With Bamboo Poles?

Bamboo is considered a renewable resource, in part due to the fact that it grows so quickly -- in some instances more than 1 foot per day in ideal conditions. Using cut bamboo poles in features of ... Read More »

Where to Buy Bamboo Poles?

Depending on how you intend to use them, bamboo poles can be a beautiful accent, a useful tool or both. Yet even with the increased popularity of this material, it can still be somewhat difficult t... Read More »

How to Split Bamboo Poles?

Bamboo poles are technically classified as a grass, however once they are cut and dried the material is similar to a soft wood. Bamboo is durable enough to use as flooring, fencing, furniture and i... Read More »

How to Sand Bamboo Poles?

Bamboo resembles wood but in reality, it is a perennial, woody grass. Species vary as does the height and girth of the bamboo culms or poles. Because of its great strength, bamboo has a variety of ... Read More »